Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Tire Cupcakes

Recently my poor husband has had the worst of luck with his car. All four of his tires must have been much worse than I thought though, because his coworkers noticed and took up a collection to buy him four new ones! A very generous thing for them to do, so I wanted to send him something special to take to work along with his thank you card.
I put together these cute "New Tire" cupcakes for my hubby and his coworkers to enjoy. These were just a simple yellow cake batter, topped with buttercream and little fondant tires. The fondant tiny tires probably had more tread on them then the real things did!
All reports were that hubby and his good friends at work enjoyed the treat, and we certainly appreciated the (real) new tires! Yes, he has four shiny new ones, so now no one has to worry about him on the drive to work (and he has no excuse for not showing up!)

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