Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spiderman Cupcakes!

*New video posted today at YouTube, decorating this easy to do Spiderman Cupcake.

This is a cute and simple design that will win over the little boys in your life, Spiderman cupcakes.

You will need the following...
-white fondant
-red icing
-black icing
-small (size 3) writing tip
-decorating bag
-small icing knife

My video will walk you through the process to put this cute cupcake together quickly.
I picked this design to begin my blog, because it is so simple to do, and part of my goal here is to encourage others to give decorating a try. If you start off with something simple, I think you will be surprised how quickly you become quite good at it!
I began decorating when I was a teenager and I wish that there had been a resource like the internet to help me find ideas, and learn new techniques. Ok, I just really dated myself a bit there didn't I? The point is, I didn't know what I was doing, and eventually I found a job being paid to decorate and do what I enjoyed. Now there are so many wonderful resources for those who want to start decorating! My local community college has Wilton decorating classes your's might too, and it's a great place to begin. There are also so many videos and websites, and blogs, as well as some really awesome books out about decorating. If you find a resource you think I should share here, please let me know. I hope my own videos here will help encourage you to give cupcake decorating a try, and stay tuned because I also plan to review related products, and possibly host some really cool give aways!
Enjoy the Spiderman cupcakes, leave a comment to let me know how yours turn out.

Till next time,



  1. I love your site! Stop by mine, Cake Mom, sometime. Our blogs seem pretty similar!

  2. Thank you! I love your site too! You can now count me as a follower.
    I am off to a slow start, but thanks for being my first friend here, I sure do appreciate the encouragement.